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Remote Vehicle Tax Appraisal

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$99 + GST
  • Review submitted documentation
  • Fair Value Price determined
  • Completed FIN 320 Form; compliant with the ICBC and the BC Finance Ministry
  • Vehicle Appraisal by a Licensed Automotive Dealer
  • You pay once your appraisal is complete, and only if we can assist you!

In Person Vehicle Tax Appraisal

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$149 + GST
  • In-person visual inspection and documentation of the vehicle’s condition by an appraisal expert
  • Fair Value Price determined
  • Completed FIN 320 Form ICBC and BC Finance Ministry compliant
  • Services are currently only available in the Greater Vancouver area
  • Vehicle Appraisal by a Licensed Automotive Dealer

Other Services

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  • Divorce Settlement Appraisals
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  • All Appraisals Are Offered Remotely For Your Convenience

about us

At BC Auto Appraisals, we want to help our customers save on tax payments. Starting from October 1st, 2022, British Columbians engaged in private Pre-Owned Vehicle transactions are obliged to remit a Transfer Tax. This tax is determined solely by the Average Canadian Black Book Wholesale Value, based on the Year, Make, and Model of the vehicle.

However, this valuation method fails to account for crucial factors such as the vehicle’s physical condition, mechanical state, mileage, maintenance history, accident history, and other variables that significantly influence its actual worth. If your vehicle falls below average in any of these aspects, our team of Licensed Appraisal Experts is prepared to provide a comprehensive Professional Vehicle Appraisal.

We firmly believe that each used vehicle is unique, and we advocate for a tax assessment that reflects its true value, considering all relevant factors. Our experts at BC Auto Appraisals are here to guide you through this process, ensuring a seamless and equitable transaction experience.

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Submit Required Vehicle Information

A representative will request all essential information and available records to accurately evaluate your vehicle remotely or in person. This will include photos and video for remote appraisals, which will assist in determining the vehicle's True Value.

Licensed Appraisal

A Licensed Appraisal Expert will thoroughly inspect and review all submitted evidence and documentation. A FIN-320 Appraisal Form will be completed by our Licensed Agents as required by ICBC.

Receive Your Report

Once finalized, you will receive the completed FIN-320 Appraisal Form to submit to your Local Insurance Broker or Government Agency.

Looking For a Vehicle Appraisal?

Your vehicle’s less-than-ideal condition could make you eligible for tax savings. Factors like excessive mileage, mechanical issues, maintenance requirements, body damage, accident history, and more have the potential to lower your tax liability when evaluated through a Professional Vehicle Appraisal. Our licensed experts at BC Auto Appraisals will support you throughout your vehicle purchase, allowing you to safeguard your hard-earned money by avoiding unnecessary ICBC Vehicle Tax expenses.

In the event that BC Auto Appraisals’ assessed value falls below ICBC’s Average Canadian Black Book valuation, you will only be taxed based on the higher of the two values: BC Auto Appraisals’ assessment or the private Purchase Price of your vehicle.

Professional Vehicle Appraisals:

Contact our licensed team today to inquire about our tailored and convenient Vehicle Appraisal Service. We ensure a hassle-free process regardless of where you live. Our Remote Appraisal Service is a go-to for our clients. However, we also offer In-Person Appraisals, which give you the flexibility to choose.

Example Vehicle Appraisal: 2012 Toyota Prius ex-Taxi (702,455 km)

ICBC Tax Calculation:

ICBC’s taxation system disregards the vehicle’s condition and mileage.

  • Canadian Black Book Average Wholesale Value: $14,926
  • 12% Tax: $1,791.12

BC Auto Appraisals Assessment:

Our expert assessment accounts for the vehicle’s unique condition and mileage.

  • Appraisal Expert Assessed Value: $2,200
  • 12% Tax: $264

Savings with BC Auto Appraisals Assessment: $1,527.12

Fully Compliant

Our process at BC Auto Appraisals is fully compliant with the New (2022) Transfer Tax Regulations.

Contact our team today for an efficient, easy, affordable Used Vehicle Appraisal. Let us help you save!